It’s Simple, Really…

grief2-300x298In my life, I’ve found that the saddest circumstances can be turned around with just one moment of truth. Whether it be the stagnation of a friendship, the loss of someone who is part of your heart, the falling apart of your marriage or a fight with someone you love, it really only takes one moment, one simple statement of pure, unfiltered truth to soothe that fissure down in the deepest part of us that opens up when all is just not quite right.

It’s simple, really…doesn’t matter if you’re the one whose soul needs mending or the one who holds that balm to make it all just a little bit more bearable.

“I love you, and I care about how this is affecting you.”

I’ve never read a self-help book, but I imagine that simple phrase is probably in more than a few. But don’t write it off as cheap psychobabble. Those 12 words, when spoken unselfishly, from the depths of the heart, have the power to reach out and bring someone back from the seemingly infinite depths of grief.

Grief is real. It is powerful, and it is damaging. It can become the filter through which we view everything else in our lives, and in that way it can destroy us from the inside. And remember,  the loss of a life-long friendship or the crumbling of a marriage can cause just as much emotional damage as the death of a loved one. Grief does not discriminate.

Take my advice, if you know someone who is hurting, say those 12 words to them, but only if you mean them.

And just think, if it’s you who’s watching your marriage fall apart at your feet, what those words might have the power to achieve. Maybe, just maybe, they could turn the ship around.

It’s simple, really…


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