Cheese and Rice

Cheese and rice! It’s been over a year since I posted anything. That’s just not cool. The problem is, every time I think of something to write about I get distracted by some mundane daily task and then…well…here we are. LOTS has happened since we last spoke. Let’s order:

  1. I got hired on at Lincoln full-time. WooHoo! Great job, but even greater colleagues.
  2. In August, my husband got a Huntsville, Alabama..and moved in with my parents, who happen to live there, while the kids and I stayed home in Fort Wayne to get the house ready to sell.
  3. The house in Fort Wayne.. still hasn’t sold! I’ll get back to that in a bit.
  4. We went ahead and put an offer on a house in Cullman, AL- my hometown. We got it, and he moved in solo in January.
  5. Lincoln…well, good old Lincoln…new eliminated..blah blah…(sad face)…no, we’re sorry, your job is NOT going to transfer to Alabama like we said…so there was that.
  6. House still not sold, job coming to an end..the perfect time to make the official move south and get the family back together again.
  7. April 19 we said good-bye to our Fort Wayne house and friends, with lots of emotional farewells and nostalgia.

So here I sit, in Cullman, in my new house which just happens to be RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the house that I lived in in high school, the house where we stood in the drive-way and said our good-byes to my parents 14 years ago when Graehm drove me off in a big U-Haul to our house in Fort Wayne.

fort wayne fort wayne 2

There is a word for this. I wouldn’t call it full-circle. That doesn’t capture its essence. I’ll have to think on that some more and get back to you…


Wallowing in Summer

cucumber-slicesYou know how there are certain smells, flavors and sounds that trigger your thirst for summer? It’s always this time of year, right near the end of May/ beginning of June, when I start craving cucumbers. And tomatoes. And homemade vanilla ice cream!

There’s just something about summertime indulgences that is so pure and untouched by any of life’s miscellaneous anxieties. I can close my eyes and listen to the sound of a lawnmower and literally smell my dad mowing the backyard when I was a kid. Same with the smell of a charcoal grill or the taste of a baked potato with sour cream.

Here are my top 10 summer triggers:

  1. Coppertone suntan oil- that smell is like heaven!
  2. Cucumbers- taste and smell
  3. Tomatoes- taste
  4. Lawnmowers and fresh-cut grass- sound and smell
  5. Homemade vanilla ice cream- taste
  6. Peaches- taste and smell
  7. Charcoal grill- smell
  8. Chlorine- smell
  9. Cicadas- sound
  10. Honeysuckle- taste and smell8600511771_224aab4817_z

What are yours?

What got me really going on this topic tonight was an ad I saw for EDY’s Outshine Fruit Bars on Facebook. Their marketing guys and gals are clearly brand sense pros! I literally wanted to lick my monitor. But don’t tell anyone. That would make me weird, right?


Nostalgia is a seductive mistress, and I always give in. Don’t you?